Ben Chiarot made some intriguing revelations about his future in Montreal...

Jeff Drouin
January 10, 2022  (1:52 PM)

Ben Chiarot has been the subject of several trade rumors as of late. His contract expires at the end of this campaign and it's unclear what Jeff Gorton's and the next GM's plan will be.

A deal involving the number 8 could clearly bring some interesting elements to the Habs.
One thing is for sure, Ben Chiarot has not yet spoken with Jeff Gorton about a potential change of environment for the defenseman, at least that is what he said.
He has been VERY quiet about it.
"No, I haven't talked to him," he said. "I intend to keep any conversations I have or have not had with Jeff between the two of us."
What does that mean? Does he have something to hide?
Chiarot is not fooled, he hears the trade rumors buzzing around the league. He doesn't worry too much about that. He did admit, however, that it would have affected him a lot more when he was younger.
"At this point in my career, I'm very comfortable with the player I am and what I can bring. I try not to put emphasis on what I can't control, because it eats up time and energy."
Regarding Marc Bergevin's recent appointment as a senior advisor with the Los Angeles Kings, the colossus was delighted with his former boss.
He knew he wouldn't be eating pudding for long.
"I'm very happy for him. I knew he wouldn't be unemployed for long and that he would have opportunities when he decided to come back. He's well respected in the National League. He took his time and I'm now confident that he will enjoy the position he finds himself in."
With the trade deadline fast approaching on March 21, the rumors will intensify around him. It will be interesting to see what Jeff Gorton will do with the former Winnipeg Jets property.
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