Mathieu Darche is more popular than Patrick Roy

Published January 10, 2022 at 12:41

The race for Montreal Canadiens general manager started last week, and the two most popular names remain Mathieu Darche and Marc Denis. According to the, the two men clearly stood out during the interview.

In the case of Patrick Roy, it seems that his popularity rating for the position of the Montreal Canadiens GM is starting to wane. Yes, we like him. He was one of the GREATS of the Montreal Canadiens' history, but is he really the candidate that they need?

His name has become less popular in recent days, and the results from a poll conducted by TVA Sports' JiC seem to grant the victory to Mathieu Darche. At least, for the enthusiasts who have participated in the survey so far.

Yes, it's still a small poll, I'm aware of that, but the fact remains that it reflects the general opinion of the growing popularity for Mathieu Darche. Simply put, Darche learned from one of the best GMs in the NHL, Julien BriseBois. On top of that, he knows the Montreal market very well.

We want Mathieu Darche to be the Montreal Canadiens' new GM. That's it, the message is out there.
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