Marc Bergevin might just be passing through with the Los Angeles Kings

Published January 10, 2022 at 1:49 PM

In his podcast « 32 Thoughts », Elliotte Friedman had to come back on Marc Bergevin's weird job with the Los Angeles Kings. By the way, it's not the hiring that surprises us, but rather the nebulous role that Luc Robitaille gave his friend Berg.

According to Friedman, Bergevin's name is still not ruled out of Anaheim, even though he is now employed by the Kings.

Here is his explanation of this:

«I wonder if Bergevin only took the job in Los Angeles to keep himself busy or keep his name on the map. I don't think his name's off the Anaheim Ducks' side. There are several things that need to be clarified about his future in Los Angeles. I don't think it will stop him from looking elsewhere for other opportunities!»

On top of that, the Kings secured the services of Rob Blake for several more years, which took Bergevin away from the position of general manager of the Kings, hence Mr. Friedman's intervention.

So we still have to watch Bergevin's name on the Anaheim side!
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