Kent Hughes takes action and retains the services of a goaltender until 2025

Published June 3, 2023 at 12:00

On Tuesday, we learned that Kent Hughes is going to release goaltender Frederik Dichow. It was confirmed yesterday.

However, as reported by Lefrançois, Kent Hughes has found a way within the collective agreement to extend the contract deadline for goaltender Joe Vrbetic.

This clever move allows Hughes to postpone the contract offer for another two years. Impressive!

"The Canadiens also believed they had to make a decision regarding Vrbetic, drafted in 2021. Since he comes from the Canadian junior hockey system, everything indicated that the team had two years (until June 1, 2023) to offer him a contract.

However, an obscure clause (details spared) in section 8.6 of the collective agreement means that the Canadiens will ultimately hold his rights for four years, until 2025." - La Presse

Kent Hughes acted by leveraging his agent background to give himself a significant advantage and retain the services of a young goaltender until 2025!

This is a great opportunity for Hughes, as he will have even more time to evaluate the 20-year-old goalie. Last year, the Ontarian spent the majority of his time with the Trois-Rivières Lions in the ECHL but also had a four-game stint with the Laval Rocket.


This extension also gives Kent Hughes a little respite regarding the contracts awarded in his organization. Currently, out of a potential 50 contracts, he has 35 in place. However, he will need to sign numerous young players from the organization, such as Cole Caufield, Michael Pezzetta, Denis Gurianov, Lucas Condotta, Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, Mitchell Stephens, Joël Teasdale, Jesse Ylönen, and Nicolas Beaudoin, who will all become restricted free agents this summer. He will also need to leave room for unrestricted free agents and for his first-round pick in the upcoming draft.

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Kent Hughes takes action and retains the services of a goaltender until 2025

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