Kent Hughes about to add a defenseman to the CH lineup? Four names targeted

Published February 17, 2023 at 2:41 PM

As mentioned by the excellent Anthony Marcotte, the Montreal Canadiens are expected to add a left-handed defenseman to their lineup soon, and four names have been identified:

"A lefty will surely be recalled from Laval in the next few hours. I think Corey Schueneman is the most logical choice. Nicolas Beaudin is just coming back from injury, William Trudeau is a little too green yet, and Norlinder is further down the lineup." - Anthony Marcotte

So of the four names targeted (the four candidates), the most logical would be Schueneman, for the reasons Marcotte mentions.

Beaudin could be very interesting to see go, though, as a relatively recent first round pick of the Chicago Blackhawks.

An announcement tomorrow?

The man who is the voice of the Laval Rocket notes, however, that the recall in question (on defense) is not expected to be made today by the CH, for a simple reason:

"The Habs should not proceed with a defensive recall today. The Rocket's current lineup should remain as is for tonight's game in Belleville. It helps that the club is playing very close to Toronto where the CH plays tomorrow." - Anthony Marcotte

So, a file that is one to watch!

If this is confirmed and it was your decision, which one would you recall first? Schueneman, Beaudin, Trudeau or Norlinder?

Remember that young Justin Barron left yesterday's game against the Carolina Hurricanes (injury).

February 17   |   439 answers
Kent Hughes about to add a defenseman to the CH lineup? Four names targeted

Which one would you call back first with the CH?

Schueneman16637.8 %
Trudeau9621.9 %
Beaudin6715.3 %
Norlinder11025.1 %
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