Jonathan Drouin gets absolutely destroyed by Bob Hartley live on air

Published December 14, 2022 at 6:42 PM

In the last few hours, we learned that Quebec forward Jonathan Drouin will be surprisingly used at center tonight. An interesting decision by Martin St-Louis, and we can't wait to see the result of this experiment.

Questioned about it at a press conference earlier today, Drouin made a statement that startled many experts, including Bob Hartley:

Here's what Jonathan had to say at his media availability:

"I like to play simple, I like to play offense, to have chances to score, that's my game. It's not chipping pucks in, it's not forechecking. It's about making plays and creating offensive chances." - Jonathan Drouin

On Martin Lemay's mic, Hartley criticized the statement, saying it just doesn't pass muster. For Bob, it's proof that Drouin doesn't get it.

Hartley would have preferred that Drouin just say "I'm back and I'm going to work hard in the corners" (or almost), but no, the Quebecer was very honest and direct, saying that he likes to play offense.

Martin Lemay and Bob Hartley seem to think that Jonathan should be more involved in the corners and in traffic, otherwise, his place will be on the bench.

For Drouin's media availability and context:

To hear Bob Hartley's full arguments (listen in full before judging), click here.
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Jonathan Drouin gets absolutely destroyed by Bob Hartley live on air

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