John Tortorella has some good advice for McDavid

Published November 12, 2021 at 2:00 PM

Most hockey fans agree that Connor McDavid is the best player in the world right now. With his most recent goal against the Rangers, where he beat all his opponents as if they were playing in Pee-Wee B, the proof is in the pudding.

But even if he is the best hockey player in the world, does everyone agree that McDavid should win a Stanley Cup? That's another matter!

Colourful former head coach John Tortorella had some advice for the Oilers' #97. The new ESPN analyst suggests that the Alberta captain improve his defensive game.

"I think he needs to change his game a little bit. He doesn't have to become a defensive player, obviously! He talked about culture, he talked about standards, he talked about winning. He's got to do more than just fill the net in the playoffs and beat teams in scoring. You have to play on the other side of the puck. You have to have that professional attitude that says, 'Nothing's going to bother me, no matter how you try to stop me'."

Clearly, he has some work to do on that front. If you look at McDavid's differential in his last two playoff appearances, he has a -1 differential while having played in 13 of his team's goals. That means he was on the ice for 14 of his opponents' goals. It's not worth it when you think about it!

The former Blue Jackets head coach even drew a parallel with the Washington Capitals' number 8, Alexander Ovechkin: "Ovechkin, I didn't think they were going to win with him in Washington, but Ovi changed his game a little bit and they ended up winning a Cup," he admitted.

We may not like and do not always agree with Torts, but this time we are forced to admit that he has a point.
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