Nick Suzuki is very stubborn

Published November 12, 2021 at 10:33

In my eyes, Nick Suzuki is an exceptional player and unequivocally the Montreal Canadiens' number one center. Yesterday, he scored the winning goal as only he knows how with an unusual and very smart maneuver, a shot on the back of the goalie's pads to get the puck into the net.

Before this success, he tried something equally clever, which didn't work, earning a wink from Jacob Markstrom. When it did work, however, Markstrom gave Suzuki a little tap, most likely in frustration, indicating that he had just lost this little psychological war.

"He gave me a little tap afterwards. I think he was mad!" - Suzuki

It was a small mental victory for the characterful player, but a big one for the team he's been carrying around for the past five games. During that stretch, he scored nine points, proving to his few critics that the number one pivot position was his.

Suzuki can also count on the support of his coach, who seems to admire his number 14:

"When it's competitive like that, when it's time to find the options, to bring out his intelligence, it just comes out. He knows himself even better as a player. He cares about the team's success and he wants to make a difference." - Ducharme

Ducharme also added how tough Suzuki is to play against:

"He doesn't look like that, but it's pretty hard to face him. When he has that desire, you see him close to the puck, he's on the move, you see the signs quickly. He's a silent competitor. You have to watch him go. He's not running around hitting guys, but he's on the puck and he's strong."

The crown jewel of the organization is him, Nick Suzuki!
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