Jack Eichel in Montreal: why it can't happen now

Published July 30, 2021 at 8:51 PM

Jack Eichel is still on the market right now because it's not easy to "move" a franchise player who pockets an average of ten millions per campaign. On top of that, since he is certainly one of the best young center players in the league, Kevyn Adams is asking for the moon in return... And it's not a joke. The proof, according to the information of RDS insider François Gagnon, the demands of the Sabres start with Nick Suzuki, Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Alexander Romanov.

"According to reliable information, the Sabres' requests start with the names of Suzuki, Kotkaniemi and Romanov. And they don't intend to settle for just one of those three players. They are also asking for prospects and picks. Personally, I would have no problem involving KK in the equation. Nor would a first round pick or picks and some prospects. Jonathan Drouin's name could also come up. Who knows?" - François Gagnon

With all due respect, Mr. Adams, that's a big "no" when it comes to Nick Suzuki. Marc Bergevin probably said a similarly emphatic "NO". Eichel is good and he's still a qualified franchise player, no doubt about it, but is Suzuki that far behind? The best example: if Patrice Bergeron was Eichel's age right now (24), which one would you take first to build a foundation? Bergeron? Me too!

Nick Suzuki was built in the same mold as Patrice Bergeron. He excels in all three areas on the ice. He is VERY concerned about his defensive game. He has the makings of a captain. His hockey IQ is highly refined and well above average. He competes and can take his game up a notch at crucial times. Add to that the fact that he is more creative offensively than the Bruins' captain. Quite a cocktail, isn't it?

I repeat my offer for Eichel: "KK", Drouin, a prospect and two first round picks?
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