It doesn't look good for one of the Canadiens' top three prospects

Published February 9, 2022 at 12:00

The Montreal Canadiens do not have their defence of last year, far from it. With the absences of Shea Weber and Joel Edmundson, there is A LOT of lack of substance, stability, anger and above all, leadership.

However, in the ranks, three big potential prospects are growing and many see these three in the big league quickly. They are Kaiden Guhle, Logan Mailloux and Jordan Harris.

In the case of the latter, however, it is unclear whether he will test the free agency, or whether he will sign with the Montreal Canadiens following his university season (NCAA).

In this regard, Rob Ramage, the Montreal Canadiens' director of player development, makes a rather nebulous or even negative statement.

«I still don't know if he will align with us, honestly. I really don't know» - Ramage

With the Canadiens' current outfit, it's hard to believe that Harris will want to join this team. Only time will tell, but let's cross our fingers.
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