Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton spent Tuesday evening talking on the phone

Published February 9, 2022 at 10:31

The Montreal Canadiens were destroyed 7-1 on Tuesday against a squad, the New Jersey Devils, who landed at the Bell Centre for a second game in 24 hours. Not to mention their crappy record in their last ten games before setting foot in Montreal...

Once again, the lack of commitment, the lack of heart and the lack of anger were there. Then, again, Jeff Petry didn't want to play a hockey game with the Habs jersey on his back.

So, the total goals scored by the Habs in the last five games is 33. How is that possible? Easy, no NHL goaltenders and a very shaky defensive top-4.

Speaking of crappy statistics, here are some more:

That said, we can understand Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton to disconnect from the game like the one against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday night. The two-headed monster was spotted in the middle of a phone chat during the evening.

With this picture, it's easy to start the rumors: Hughes and Gorton certainly didn't speak with their respective spouses. Not during a game. In my opinion, they may have had to talk to opposing counterparts. We are talking here...
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