Josh Anderson made a very disturbing revelation during his scrum

Published February 9, 2022 at 8:08

After the CH's crushing 7-1 loss to the New Jersey Devils, the Canadiens players could not hear a laugh.

Josh Anderson, one of the leaders of the club, appeared in front of the microphones after this setback and he was really not in a good mood. He made revelations that summarize the atmosphere that currently reigns in the organization.

Basically, it's really not fun playing hockey with the Habs right now. He did not point fingers, but he did mention that he and his teammates should start playing for the logo on their shirts and not for themselves.

The power forward has never hesitated to speak when the timing is right, but he is also one of the player that must give more on the ice. He's a big part of the core and one of the team leaders, so he has to lead the troops by example... and not act like a chameleon in front of them.

He has to start practicing what he was doing before, going to the net, skating like the wind in possession of the puck and disturbing the opponent if necessary! He needs to be the Josh Anderson of last playoffs, his club really needs it.
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