Important statement from Arber Xhekaj about his intentions and it really says a lot about him

Published February 2, 2023 at 1:56 PM

Everyone knows the incredible story of Arber Xhekaj. The young man, who has never been drafted in the NHL, has a rather exceptional career path, he was working not so long ago in a Costco.

His rise to the big league and his recent success with the CH have not made his head swell, however. The colossal defenseman is still down to earth and aware of his chances. He proved it during his lengthy interview with Elliotte Friedman for the 32 Thoughts podcast in which the journalist recounts Xhekaj's journey to the NHL.

His dream, having already reached the NHL and being a regular player there, is now to spoil his family.

He wants to give them back what they gave him in his youth so that he can fulfill his dream of playing professional hockey.

"My parents each come from modest backgrounds. I never saw them take a vacation or think about themselves. All of their savings went directly into their children's happiness. Recently, I bought them a new fridge because the one they had had been malfunctioning for a long time, but they didn't complain about it. Now my goal is to be able to pay them the retirement they deserve" - Arber Xhekaj

He wants to send his parents to a comfortable retirement as soon as possible.

Xhekaj is currently in the second year of his NHL entry-level contract that pays him $828,333 annually. It is certain that if he continues like this, he will have a nice increase in his second contract and he can then largely spoil his parents!

It is nice to see these young people who, despite their success, keep their sanity and do not go overboard, as we have already seen with others!

To date, the young defenseman has played 49 games this season with the CH and has accumulated 13 points. He is even, with 5, the team's top scorer among defensemen and has accumulated 92 penalty minutes, an NHL high.

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Important statement from Arber Xhekaj about his intentions and it really says a lot about him

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