Hughes and St-Louis announce a major development in the Carey Price file

Published March 27, 2022 at 1:15 PM

Last night, during the broadcast of the game between the CH and the Toronto Maple Leafs on TVA Sports, GM Kent Hughes gave an interesting interview.

He took the opportunity to give some news about Carey Price and to announce a major development concerning his star goalie.

The GM went on to confirm that the goal is still to have Price play this season.

It gets even better.

We just learned that Carey Price is expected to join the team on the road, in the next few days. (He will resume regular practices with his team and could hope to get a start sooner than later.

From what we understand, if it wasn't for the virus he caught, Price would already be with the team. Listening to the Habs management, his illness seems to be the biggest obstacle to his return to the game and his knee doesn't seem to be too big of a problem anymore.

The plan is really to get him in front of the net relatively soon and the fact that he has to join the team on the road is a major development and progression.

Martin St-Louis also confirmed last night in a press conference that Price will be joining the team for this trip.

"Price could join the team on the road, but his availability will depend on how long it takes him to recover from his non-COVID illness that broke out early last week."

I love it! We're almost there, finally.

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Hughes and St-Louis announce a major development in the Carey Price file

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