We now know what the Bruins offered to acquire Ben Chiarot

Published March 27, 2022 at 12:15

As the NHL trade deadline week officially comes to a close (it'll be a week tomorrow), many reputable observers continue to pour out their insider information on what went on behind the scenes just before the deadline.

Among the major trades made in Montreal is Ben Chiarot who was traded by the Habs to the Florida Panthers.

In return for the left-handed defenseman, Kent was able to acquire prospect Ty Smilanic, a first round pick in 2022 and a fourth round pick in 2022.

But, as we told you earlier this week, Chiarot just missed out on a deal with the CH's arch rivals, the Boston Bruins.

Journalist Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports reported on Tuesday that a trade between the two teams would have fallen through shortly before the trade with the Panthers.

The Bruins, who had been trying to obtain Chiarot's services for quite some time, wanted to try to reach an agreement with him on the terms of a contract extension. (before paying the price to acquire him in a trade)

The veteran defenseman would have refused to negotiate with the Bruins and that's what would have made the trade fail.

In the end, it was defenseman Hampus Lindholm who ended up in Boston and he signed an eight-year contract extension with the Bruins.

We now have some news on that front today. We now know what the Bruins' offer for Chiarot looked like.

As Max Truman of reports, Renaud Lavoie went a little further and talked about this:

A first-round pick, two second-round picks, John Moore (to get rid of the contract) and another unknown player, potentially.

You understand that Boston's offer was better but hey, Chiarot didn't want to deal with them and that's fine.

To watch Renaud Lavoie's appearance on JiC, it's here.
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We now know what the Bruins offered to acquire Ben Chiarot

Which offer for Chiarot was better?

The Bruins’ offer11137 %
The Panthers’ offer18963 %
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