Hughes agrees to reveal his intentions regarding Logan Mailloux's future with the Habs

Published March 30, 2022 at 12:57

Habs prospect Logan Mailloux has had a very intense few months recently, for reasons we know, but also, because the young defenseman may have to (already) put a cross on his 2022 season, due to a shoulder injury.

Precisely on this subject, in the last few hours, in order to get an update on Mailloux's future in Montreal (and to find out where the Tricolore stands in this story), Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes agreed to confide in The Athletic reporter Arpon Basu.

A one-on-one meeting, in Florida, on the sidelines of the GM meeting in Palm Springs.

See what Hughes had to say about the young Mailloux, as reported by the excellent Christian Matte of Marqueur.com:

"When we look at the overall work or experience, who knows? But it would be a very unlikely scenario, in my opinion, where the best course of action for him was to go pro next year, as opposed to being back in London. I think we're putting off signing him, because we're still evaluating him as a human being." - Kent Hughes

Here he was answering whether (or not) he expects to see the CH's 2021 first-round pick in a Tricolore uniform next season.

We understand here that Mailloux would normally return to the Ontario Junior League with the London Knights, and that makes perfect sense. He would badly need a full, "normal" season in the junior ranks.

He is only 18 years old and has only played 12 games this season.

For his development, he needs to play a lot more than that before jumping to the pros. It's also understandable that Hughes seems to hold Mailloux in high regard as a hockey player.

On the other hand, the GM expects (with reason) to see the CH hopeful continue his efforts on a human level, off the ice:

"But at the end of the day, for me, he's got to continue to show remorse, to continue to work to get better. And as long as he does that, we can take the next steps. If he doesn't do that, there's really nothing left to do." - Kent Hughes

Recall that some tipsters believe it would be fine for new management to simply trade Logan Mailloux, to a team like the Arizona Coyotes, but it's understood here that Kent Hughes seems pretty open to working with the kid and signing him to the CH organization. (if he continues to work on him, on a human level, of course)

For the details of this interesting interview:

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Hughes agrees to reveal his intentions regarding Logan Mailloux's future with the Habs

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