Possible Senators games in Quebec City: the idea comes from Gary Bettman and the NHL confirms it!

Published March 30, 2022 at 12:48

This is one of the current issues in the field hockey world in Quebec, as the renowned Denis Lessard, of La Presse, reported this manique the NHL would be in serious discussions with the Quebec government, Quebecor and the city of Quebec, to present NHL games at the Videotron Center, next season.

We are talking about (5) regular season games, at home, in Quebec City, for the Ottawa Sens.

In addition, we learn that it would be a suggestion of Gary Bettman, wow! He would have the intention to give Quebec City the chance to prove that the city is an NHL market.

It's important to stress: the NHL's (official) goal would not be to move the Senators to Quebec City, or to test a shared-custody concept. The goal would really be to give Quebec City a chance to prove that it is a good market for the NHL.

"Important clarification: these negotiations are not about a possible shared custody of the Senators between Ottawa and Quebec City, or a move of the club to the Quebec capital. There has always been only talk of presenting five games. But if a team of the National League became available, these games in Quebec City would be "the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that Quebec City is a serious market for any concession that would be in difficulty," it is explained."

HABSolumentFan's Marco Normandin was talking about it this morning, it's a big deal and it seems to be moving really fast.

Stephane Cadorette of the Journal de Montreal just posted a big update, the NHL just confirmed the news:

Bill Daly confirms La Presse's information that discussions are underway to bring 5 Senators games to Quebec City next season: "Interest has been expressed and discussions are very preliminary. No final agreement for the moment."
- Stéphane Cadorette

Small important note: the whole thing was discussed well before the death of Eugene Melnyk and the goal is not to move the Senators to Quebec City.
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Possible Senators games in Quebec City: the idea comes from Gary Bettman and the NHL confirms it!

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