How did the hiring of Kent Hughes go behind the scenes?

Published January 18, 2022 at 12:41

Just like that, from the outset, please note that Hughes is not an American, but a Quebecer. He is VERY respectful and professional in his approach, and he does not come to create a country club with his buddy Jeff Gorton. On the contrary, he is coming as an ally to establish a new culture within this organization. A wise choice!

By the way, how did the process go with Hughes, the guy Gorton wanted from the start? Yes, Mathieu Darche and Daniel Brière were radiant, but Hughes was ahead of them, no one will convince me otherwise. In short, here are the steps that led to this hiring:

- He was interviewed by the Habs last Monday.
- He met with Geoff Molson on Saturday night on the Boston side.
- Took the weekend to make sure he was ready to change careers.
- The contract between the CH and him was negotiated until Monday evening.

Thanks to Pierre LeBrun for this privileged information.

Laval Rocket games analyst Raphaël Doucet, for his part, submitted fun facts about the new Montreal Canadiens GM.

After all, true fun begins. Who will Hughes hire for the various positions to be filled? That too will be exciting!
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