It's official, it's Kent Hughes!

Published January 18, 2022 at 10:07

It was long believed that it would be Mathieu Darche, who owns the PERFECT safe for the Montreal Canadiens, but Jeff Gorton opted for his buddy Kent Hughes. Hughes is a master in numbers, so he perfectly complements Gorton, but he doesn't speak as much French as Mathieu Darche.

It tickles you? Not me, since he is a Montrealer and his French is very good!

Regardless, Hughes became the 18th general manager in the history of the Habs. He enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the NHL and the hockey world. I don't know him well enough to judge his hiring properly, but I trust the men who were in place for it.

Marc-André Perreault made no mistake, he who said last Sunday evening that a general manager could be appointed on Wednesday. It finally happened on Tuesday morning, when everyone thought it would happen last night, during the Arizona Coyotes game.

We know the closeness between the player's agent and Jeff Gorton, so the rumors that were circulating about his appointment have become official and don't surprise anyone at the table. For those who are wondering, here is the list of players that Hughes represented.

Hughes will be in the media this Wednesday, live from the Bell Centre, accompanied by Geoff Molson and Jeff Gorton.
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