A Montreal Canadiens prospect shot himself in the foot

Published January 18, 2022 at 11:12

Everyone remembers the words of Jayden Struble, an excellent prospect for the Montreal Canadiens early in the season, who promised an explosion on the offensive side. At that time, the Canadiens' second round pick in 2019 was about to start his third university campaign.

After half the season that has gone by, where are his offensive statistics? Struble has only six points in 20 games.

Anthony Martineau, a journalist at TVA Sports, spoke with Struble, and then, of course, we talked about his promise. By the way, it was to Martineau that Struble said he would explode offensively in 2021-22:

"I don't know if I want to reveal my goal. The number is very, very high. But I believe in my abilities. I look at the chances I had last year, I add it to the work I did this summer and I come to one conclusion: my impact in the opposing zone will be very great next season." (Click here for the original quote)

Today, how does he justify the lack of points?

"I know I told you this summer that I was going to make the impact I wanted in the NHL. I still think that, no matter what happens."

"We have a team that is much more defensive than in previous years. This year, the instruction is 'defense first'. Many of our games end 2-1 or 3-2. It requires an adaptation for everyone." - Struble

The game system has a lot to do with it, but perhaps thinking too much about making points can also affect its performance. In short, despite Struble's offensive struggle, he remains a unique piece thanks to his almost inhuman physical strength.
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