Here is the real problem of the Montreal Canadiens according to Stéphane Waite

Published February 4, 2022 at 7:48

Within only a few weeks in the off-season, the Montreal Canadiens suffered an abrupt change in identity due to numerous departures and injuries.

The result? The Habs are probably having the worst season in franchise history. Marc Bergevin underestimated the contribution of the veterans who were present last year. The proof, he let them go. We're talking about Corey Perry and Phillip Danault, in particular.

These two were literally the definition of what it is to be a Montreal Canadien, according to Stéphane Waite.

The former Habs' goaltending coach answered the question on 98.5 FM on Thursday: what is a true Montreal Canadien?

"It's someone who has leadership and character. It's someone who doesn't accept to lose. It's someone who will play the right way. Not for his name on the back, but for the logo. Who will sacrifice. Who is going to be proud to carry the tradition of the Montreal Canadiens." - Stephane Waite

He targeted a few current and former CH players who fit this profile, namely Brian Gionta, Shea Weber, Carey Price, Brendan Gallagher, Corey Perry and Phillip Danault.

However, as Waite so aptly put it, there are very few of them on a team.

"But you don't have 20 on a team..."

Also according to him, the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks had this type of player in industrial quantities. There were two on each line.

"There was no one 'soft' on that team. A guy who is chill. Who won't give his 100 percent every game."

What is THE major problem with the current Montreal Canadiens team? There are too many soft players on Dominique Ducharme's team...

"Too many. There's no doubt about it."

Mike Hoffman, Jonathan Drouin, Jeff Petry, just to name a few...

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