The new leading goalscorer in the NHL could have been drafted by the Canadiens

Published February 3, 2022 at 7:28 PM

On Tuesday night, the New York Rangers took advantage of a rare loss to the Florida Panthers. It was only the tenth loss this season for the overall leaders heading into the All-Star Game weekend.

In that game, Rangers forward Chris Kreider scored twice, his 32nd and 33rd goals of the season. With these two goals, he takes the lead in the NHL's goal totals standings ahead of Leon Draisaitl, Auston Matthews and Alexander Ovechkin.

What hurts the most in all of this for Habs fans is that the Habs turned their nose up at Chris Kreider in 2009. To put that in perspective, that was the year the draft was held in Montreal. That year, Trevor Timmins chose Quebecer Louis Leblanc with his first round pick. Kreider was selected by the Rangers immediately after.

Of course, no one could have known at the time that the two young men would have totally different careers. Leblanc played only 50 games in the NHL and the Quebecer had only 10 points. As for Kreider, it's a different story with a total of 393 points in 620 games in the league.

Imagine if the Tricolore had selected Kreider in 2009! Obviously, there would have been a lot of controversy because the organization would have turned its nose up at a Quebecer again. On the other hand, the fans would have finally appreciated this decision in the long run. And it would have saved us from the injury to Price in the 2014 Eastern finals!
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