One GM makes an interesting prediction about Trevor Timmins

Published February 3, 2022 at 8:47 PM

Since joining the Habs in 2003, former head scout Trevor Timmins has often been in the bad graces of Montreal fans.

It must be said that the 54-year-old has had some good drafts over the years, but Timmins has also had some bad ones. This is one of the reasons why Geoff Molson decided to do something drastic a few weeks ago.

Speaking on TVA Sports' JiC show, Ottawa Senators general manager Pierre Dorion discussed the future of Timmins, a good friend of his.

"Trevor has a good reputation in the recruiting world. I worked with Trevor in Montreal. He's a good person. I'd be enormously surprised if he didn't get a job. Maybe his role will be different than it was in Montreal, but I think he will find work in the future with an organization."

Regarding the setbacks the Habs have been experiencing since the beginning of the season, Dorion mentioned that the situation is far from obvious for coach Dominique Ducharme.

"The most difficult job in Quebec is to coach the Montreal Canadiens. You always have to give credit to the runner. He did a great job last year to get the team to the finals. His team is different this year."

Getting back to Timmins, it wouldn't be at all surprising to see him back in the NHL soon because of his immense experience with the Habs.

Will we see him again as a scout, an assistant general manager or a player development specialist?
To be continued...
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