Guy Boucher suggests a new culture that the Canadiens must implement now

Published December 2, 2021 at 1:32 PM

With the most recent changes in the Montreal Canadiens organization, Habs fans can start to get their hopes up for the future of their team. However, it will not only be a change in leadership that will lead to success, a change in culture is also necessary.

According to former Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators head coach Guy Boucher, the Habs staff must implement a culture of merit in order to improve its youth development.

Boucher compares the situations between Cole Caufield and Ryan Poehling. According to him, Caufield is not ready for the NHL right now and this has a direct impact on the performance of the Tricolore's #1 center, Nick Suzuki, since they play in the same lineup. "Cole Caufield is not ready and right now, it's in Laval that he has to learn and progress," he added.

As for Poehling, it's just the opposite. The American selected by the Habs in 2017 shuttles between Montreal and Laval while he responds well to the expectations of his coaches with four goals in 10 games.

"It's like a baby, you can't give him a steak on the way out! You start with milk, then pablum, then little pieces of steak!" So you have to go gradually according to the former coach.

In short, it is inevitable that the next management group of the Tricolore will look at development, a facet that has been a source of concern for ages. Could the adoption of a new philosophy like the one brought by Guy Boucher make a difference?
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