Former Habs trainer talks about Shea Weber

Published September 2, 2021 at 11:57

Shea Weber won't be wearing his Montreal Canadiens jersey next season to heal a ton of serious injuries. His career could also be compromised according to some speculations.

That being said, according to former Montreal Canadiens physical trainer Patrick Delisle-Houde, who spent four seasons with the team, Weber is simply not human. Weber is definitely on another level among those who can endure pain like nobody else. We're talking about a RoboCop here...

"Shea is a very different kind of person. He's very quiet about his injuries and I won't go into details. But I can tell you that for him, showing up on the ice with or without pain, it doesn't matter. He's just going to go out there and do everything he can to help the team. Whether it's painful or not, he's going to do it, he's going to do the best he can and that's what everybody saw in the playoffs. I've seen guys who can endure pain like nobody else, but Shea is on another level," said Patrick Delisle-Houde.

With this other data, it shows how much the Montreal Canadiens will miss his aura, his attitude, his commitment and his GREAT leadership. By the way, those who questioned his leadership somewhere during the team's slump were SO ill-intentioned and misinformed.

All in all, this detail about Shea Weber proves beyond any reasonable doubt his desire to represent the Montreal Canadiens.

"Weber, he slowed down, he's slow... but Weber was playing with a more magical body than the other 699 players in the league!"
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