Fresh news on Jonathan Toews' health

Published September 2, 2021 at 10:35

The greatest captain in the National Hockey League, at least in the eyes of whoever is writing this, Jonathan Toews, is looking healthier and healthier. As a reminder, Toews has been out for the entire 2021 schedule in order to heal a form of immune-related chronic fatigue syndrome. His condition has been kept quiet for a long time, as he did not appear publicly during the last campaign.

In short, number 19 has been training hard, as he is a serious player who practices as hard as he plays. On that subject, his 28-year-old teammate Connor Murphy had this to say after a session with his Shea Weber-like captain (for the non-verbal).

"As soon as he came in, he was showing the same determination and enthusiasm he's always had in practice. That never changes with him. I see he's happy to be back on the ice with his teammates. It's a good thing for us who know how hard it was for him to be away for so long!"

"He puts so much pressure on himself to be the best leader he can be and he's been that [good] player for this organization for so many years. So it's nice to see him finally rewarded in terms of health, being back on the ice and ready to play. He looked great and it was really nice to see him back with us."

There is still no specific return date regarding Jonathan Toews, but all indications are that he is expected to attend his team's training camp to begin the 2021-22 schedule.
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