Tyler Toffoli made a trivial, but symbolic gesture!

Published September 2, 2021 at 9:16

Tyler Toffoli signed a four-season deal, which will pay him an average of $4.25 million annually, with the Montreal Canadiens on October 12, 2020. Yes, just that! Just that, for a maverick who can score 30 goals per campaign, who is defensively minded and has a great sense of the game. The number 73 won in his first season with the Canadiens, with 44 points, including 28 goals, in 52 games. He also added 14 points in 22 playoff games.

On top of that, he really seems to like it here in Montreal, having adapted quickly and becoming a crowd favorite from the moment he stepped on the ice in red, blue, and white. That being said, if we are talking about Toffoli on this Thursday morning, it is simply because he made a simple but symbolic gesture via social media. Unknowingly, "Toff" made a kid's day, by liking his holiday gift of a Tyler Toffoli jersey.

That being said, the concept of this article is this: get the young man in question, whose mom is named Lea Stréliski, an author, to meet Tyler Toffoli so he can sign the jersey. To do so, simply share this photo or article as much as possible so that it reaches the Montreal Canadiens and Tyler Toffoli. It's a simple activity, isn't it?

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