Everything leads us to believe that NHL players will be in Beijing in 2022!

Published August 29, 2021 at 2:44 PM

NHL players will be at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, according to information released by tipsters Dan Kingerski and Rob Simpson.

This would be the first time since the 2014 Sochi Olympics that NHL players will be in the global competition. Canada won the gold medal against Sweden that year.

Remember that the NHL was very reluctant to let its players go to the competition, due to several drawbacks, including the risk of injury, the business itself and restrictions related to the COVID-19.

In addition, the NHL has instituted a three-week vacancy in its regular season schedule to make it compliant. The league also learned that the IIHF would pay for player insurance, even those related to COVID-19. Due to these proposals, the NHL would have no choice but to accept this attractive offer from the IIHF.

An official announcement is expected shortly...

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