The Hurricanes did not go easy on the Habs on Twitter...

Published August 29, 2021 at 10:57

Following the Carolina Hurricanes' offer sheet to Jesperi Kotkaniemi yesterday, their Twitter account did not miss a beat... They "troll" the Habs considerably, in revenge against Marc Bergevin.

Let's remember that the Canadiens had tabled an offer sheet for forward Sebastian Aho in 2019.

First, the contract offer to Jesperi Kotkaniemi is a "troll" in itself. Carolina offered $6.1 million for one season to a young center who is far from established in KK... Considering the Habs' ambiguous situation at center and with the salary cap, this puts a right uppercut on the chin of Marc Bergevin's plans...

Next, the Hurricanes' Twitter account shared the NHL.com article about the offer to Kotkaniemi. In the description of this tweet, there is a huge "LOL", which stands for "laugh out loud"...

Afterwards, the Canes published a tweet in French, full of mistakes, by the way, in which they formalized the offer sheet towards KK.

They followed up with a photo of the famous "reverse" card from the game UNO, which shows a clear sign of revenge. The whole thing is a jab at Marc Bergevin for making this move on Sebastian Aho in the past. In other words, it would mean that this time, the situations are reversed.

Sometimes, some players get signing bonuses. In the case of Jesperi Kotkaniemi, the Hurricanes offered him a $20 signing bonus... As luck would have it (sarcasm), Sebastian Aho wears the number 20 on his back... The Canes even took the opportunity to write on this tweet "people don't forget".

In addition, each NHL team has an official description on their Twitter account. To spice up their prank, they decided to put the Twitter account description in French. Another arrow at the Canadiens...


Yesterday, Don Waddell, the Canes' general manager, broke the silence with a statement that might sound familiar. He went with the same quote Marc Bergevin did in 2019 when he offered his offer to Sebastian Aho...

Waddell statement:

Marc Bergevin statement:

To end their day on a high note, the Canes released a "gif" where Sebastian Aho can be seen winking at...

Is this a sign of immaturity or justified revenge in the case of the Hurricanes? They seem visibly resentful, even very bitter towards the Montreal Canadiens. However, it's to be expected, it's always a risk to take when you decide to make an offer sheet to a player from an opposing team. Now Bergevin has to face the music.
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