Dominique Ducharme to offer status quo to Seattle Kraken

Published October 25, 2021 at 6:32 PM

The Montreal Canadiens have been building up some confidence since Saturday, when they blew out the Detroit Red Wings 6-1, which was the first win for the Montreal team this season.

Since then, the team is all smiles and is ready to start the road trip on the right foot against the Seattle Kraken tomorrow.

That's why head coach Dominique Ducharme will potentially send out the same lineup as Saturday's game against the Kraken. Here are the combinations that were put in place at practice this morning:

The Habs will begin a four-game road trip to the West Coast. Ideally, the Habs should win all of their games, but we will have to be realistic. Let's focus on one game at a time.

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