The Carolina Hurricanes went to great lengths to shake the Toronto Maple Leafs

Published October 25, 2021 at 1:27 PM

The Carolina Hurricanes will face the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. This will be the first time Frederik Andersen will play against his former teammates since leaving the Ontario organization.

As we all know, the Canes have a tendency to act like trolls with their opponents. Tonight is not the night they will break that habit, as they have invited David Ayres to attend tonight's game.

Yes, the famous Toronto Marlies zamboni driver who came in as an emergency backup for the Canes two years ago to guard the net against the Leafs. He won that game. The Canes have been picking up on this ever since.

It's a funny way for the Canes to steal the show again.

With the Leafs' difficult start to the season, you have to wonder if Sheldon Keefe's men will panic quickly. Auston Matthews had a little message for those who would try to rattle them.

We'll see if the Maple Leafs super star will be stunned tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes. A game that will likely be highly intriguing.
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