Big rumor of the day in the Montreal Canadiens organization

Published October 25, 2021 at 3:58 PM

According to information revealed by Jeff Marek on the podcast "32 thoughts", there is a rumor that the Montreal Canadiens would like to be the next team to appear on Amazon Prime. The team would be interested in producing a documentary where we could see the back of the stage, literally.

Remember that the Toronto Maple Leafs went down the same road this year with the documentary "All or nothing".

This rumor is rather surprising, considering the level of privacy of the Montreal organization. However, if it becomes a reality, it would be great news for the fans who would be able to get closer to their favorite players indirectly. The whole thing reminds us a little bit of the "24CH" show that used to air on RDS.

Check out a preview of the Leafs documentary to get a taste of what's to come.

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