Dominique Ducharme made a funny statement about Jake Allen

Published December 15, 2021 at 9:53

Tuesday night, during the coach's press conference, a journalist, I don't remember which one, asked Ducharme about the overuse of Jake Allen. Allen was playing in his 8th consecutive game on Tuesday, leaving little room for Samuel Montembeault.

Ducharme is aware that his veteran goaltender is playing a lot, even overused, but he's not the only one in a bad seat, according to the coach. So, Ducharme recognizes this, but he continues to do so as the team fights not for a playoff spot, but for last place in the league.

Allen is guarding the team's top goal-scoring net this year, with 107 goals allowed. But despite that very high number of goals allowed, Allen is doing very well with a .903% efficiency. That's great under the circumstances, but with the club's depth, Ducharme should rest him more and give Montembeault some time.

I mean. What's the point of overusing a goalie under the current circumstances of the Montreal Canadiens? Are you serious?
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