Next Executive Director of the CH: Georges Laraque gets involved

Published December 15, 2021 at 8:36

On Monday, my colleague Jeff Drouin reported that the Montreal Canadiens would be interviewing women for a possible position on the managing staff. Two names were mentioned, Danielle Sauvageau and Émilie Castonguay.

However, some are skeptical about this information, including Georges Laraque.

According to him, all that is only a "show of shield". He does not believe that Geoff Molson will hire a person without experience, all in order to follow a trend, that is to hire a woman.

In his opinion, in the current disastrous situation of the team, it would take someone with a lot of experience to support Jeff Gorton, instead of someone who will have to learn. It will take someone to help right the ship right now.

Laraque even believes that this is just a technique to get people's attention because fans have lost interest in the team because of the difficult season.

Do you agree with his comments?
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