Tony Marinaro called out Jeff Petry

Published December 15, 2021 at 8:38

Following the loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, which was his 7th consecutive loss, Jeff Petry pointed his finger at the structure of the game. This was a direct tip-off to Dominique Ducharme, as it is the coaches who are in charge of installing a structure.

After this statement, Ducharme disagreed with Petry's comments, proving that the relationship between the two men is rather stormy. Even though the pilot indicated beforehand that everything was fine between him and Petry, to me it's still just a smoke screen.

That said, Petry, who is having a terrible season, can't afford such comments. He's playing like crap, how dare he drop a quote like that on his coach. Tony Marinaro was quick to call out the number 26 in the public eye.

What he did was wrong, it's true! At this point, Jeff Petry should ask for a trade instead of poisoning the whole group with his bad leadership. This guy is not a leader, and without Shea Weber and/or Joel Edmundson, he is not a leader.

Jeff Gorton has a big first mandate, to get Petry out of the Montreal Canadiens environment!
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