Dominique Ducharme gave his first comments on the Kotkaniemi file

Published September 8, 2021 at 2:17 PM

With the Jesperi Kotkaniemi saga now a thing of the past, it is much less taboo for members of the Canadiens organization to discuss this issue publicly. Kotkaniemi is now a full-fledged member of the Carolina Hurricanes. However, Dominique Ducharme seemed somewhat disappointed with the turn of events, even very surprised. However, Montreal' coach understands the business that is the NHL.

"We're disappointed and surprised by the amount, but it's their choice to have made that offer," said Ducharme in an interview with RDS on the sidelines of the André Chalut Open presented at the St-Jean-de-Matha golf club. [General manager] Marc [Bergevin] made decisions and reacted to the situation [in the best way] possible [under the circumstances]."

Recall that Jesperi Kotkaniemi had been asked about his development in Montreal during his first press briefing as a member of the Canes. This one sent a small hint to the Habs, by saying that the handling of his development could have been better. Dom Ducharme didn't seem to share the Finnish forward's opinion. According to him, there is a plan for every young player in the organization.

"Every individual is different," Ducharme began by explaining. "We always want to bring players to perform at their full potential and it's certain that with a young player, it takes time to get to that potential. But I can say that each player has a plan that we work with to get them to that point, depending on their age."

Ducharme had left Kotkaniemi out during the last two games of the Stanley Cup Final, which inevitably threw a bucket of cold water on the relationship between the two men. However, the coach seemed to be at peace with his decision from the past, as often important decisions have to be made at crucial times.

"Things happened quickly and we can only wish him the best of luck in the future]. We were in the finals and decisions had to be made, as we do every day. [Kotkaniemi] got an offer with a lot of money and he decided to take it and that's part of hockey."

If you were wondering if Ducharme was a fan of Christian Dvorak, the answer is YES. Regardless, D-Vo is not coming to Quebec soil with the goal of replacing KK or Danault. He comes here to develop his full potential and most importantly to be himself.

"We're happy to have Dvorak. He's [not coming to Montreal] to replace anybody. We want him to come here and be himself. He's a player who can play both ways of the ice, who can score goals and is good on faceoffs. He's a pretty complete player [who will be] a good addition to the center for us."

Dom Ducharme is a very humble individual who always responds in the right way. He almost always finds the positive in everything, which is a credit to him.
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