Mattias Norlinder still hasn't set foot in America

Published September 8, 2021 at 12:17

Mattias Norlinder was supposed to arrive in Montreal on September 6th, last Monday. However, he is still not in America, which raises questions, obviously. I remind you that Norlinder, who is now 21 years old, signed his entry deal on June 3rd. The young man is very mature and moves the puck in a masterful way, which could allow him to earn a position with the Habs this year, according to Marc Bergevin himself.

Coming back to Norlinder's "non-arrival" in Quebec, he probably extended his stay in Sweden since the quarantine will not be mandatory because of the two doses he received. The rookie camp is set to start on September 15, which gives him time to play a little golf and play one more game with HC Frölunda next weekend. OKAY! But did we know that Norlinder wouldn't have an isolation period? I guess he just chose to postpone his arrival date... or will he just participate in the big camp? Who knows?

Last year, with HC Frölunda, he collected a total of 10 points, including five goals, in 37 games. Despite his limited offensive output, he showed a high level of confidence as he improved with each game he played. His ease on skates and his ability to control the disc make him a weapon that could become formidable for the Montreal Canadiens. This year, during the preparatory games, he had four points in four games, which is not negligible. We're talking, but he has a chance to break into the 2021-22 lineup of the Red, White, and Blue.

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