Ducks offered something big for Jack Eichel

Published September 8, 2021 at 10:09

What about the hot file, the hot potato, named Jack Eichel? It's simple, it seems as if Kevyn Adams, the general manager of the Buffalo Sabres, does not want to trade his captain. He is very greedy, like a glutton, since he constantly refuses the generous offers that are made to him.

One of the organizations most interested in his services has offered a titanic package to obtain Eichel's services, which is now represented by the great Pat Brisson. According to the highly respected John Hoven, Adams turned down John Gibson and two other "NHL" players in return for Jack Eichel.

I don't know the identity of the other two players, but it seems that there is no talk of one-armed men. However, Ducks GM Bob Murray is still very interested in Jack Eichel's services. At this point, he is most likely preparing another proposal to his very eager counterpart.

Let me remind you that Eichel has a serious neck injury, that he wants to go under the knife, but he doesn't have the Sabres' approval. That's a problem. If he has surgery, he'll have to stay away until December... On the other hand, it will have to happen quickly if he does want to return to the game in 2022...
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