Development on a possible trade involving Josh Anderson and David Savard is potentially in play

Published February 7, 2023 at 7:15 PM

As you know, Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes is determined to add another 2023 first round pick to his bank by the NHL trade deadline.

He's mentioned it openly and we love it.

However, after the recent injuries to Joel Edmundson and Sean Monahan, it's going to be harder than expected for Hughes to get his hands on another first round pick by March 3rd.

On the other hand, as we learn in an article from TVA Sports, another extremely coveted player could save the day. That player is named Josh Anderson.

"Three teams in the heart of the derby for Josh Anderson, David Savard's name is also circulating." - TVA Sports

Max Lapierre was just talking about it today:

"I know there are mixed opinions on him. On one hand, I wonder if the low stats in the last 25 games affect his value.

On the other side, I wonder if we really need this player. He's a guy who is big, skates, has a good shot and is capable of scoring goals. What is Josh Anderson's true value? I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. I think he's a guy that's going to be like that his whole career." - Max Lapierre, The Blue Pocket

In his opinion, because of the tremendous value (year after year) of power forwards in the NHL, especially at the trade deadline, Hughes should get big for Anderson.

Remember, by the way, that a certain Blake Coleman (a power forward) was traded in 2020, for the equivalent of two first-round picks.

This is promising for Anderson:

"If we can trade him and go get something in return, I'm not just talking about a pick, I'm talking about a good, established NHL kid in addition to a pick. I think we've already turned down a first round pick for him in the last few months. We can go for more." - Max Lapierre

Lapierre is also moving forward with a more concrete proposal:

"The way I see it, it's heading towards New Jersey, Calgary or Edmonton. You come to Edmonton and they give you a bad contract like Jesse Puljujarvi plus a defenseman who doesn't play much and makes two or three million, it's going to be a good deal for both sides. It's important to get draft picks right now." - Max Lapierre

Puljujarvi, the 4th overall pick in 2016, doesn't have such a bad contract, he's still young and still has good potential. If the Oilers absolutely want to include him in a trade, and they're giving him away almost for free, why not?

Finally, Lapierre continues his thinking by involving David Savard:

"It's a shame what's going on with Monahan and Edmundson because they would have been good players to trade to get a lot in return. But if I'm on the other side and I'm a good team, I want David Savard.

He's the defenseman who blocks shots, plays physical and has the big beard that scares in the playoffs. He's already won a Stanley Cup. He's a right-handed defenseman to boot." [...]"

So Lapierre brings up two names that could allow Hughes to accelerate his rebuild and acquire key pieces, like a 2023 first-round pick, by the deadline.

If that was your decision, would you do it?

For details and the full excerpt:

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Development on a possible trade involving Josh Anderson and David Savard is potentially in play

If there's a 1st round pick on the table, would you trade Anderson or Savard?

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