Last minute development regarding Brendan Gallagher

Published February 7, 2023 at 3:38 PM

The situation of Brendan Gallagher seems very complex with the Montreal Canadiens.

The 30-year-old veteran is facing another tough season from an injury standpoint, as he hasn't come close to playing a full season since the 2018-2019 campaign, which was actually his last 30+ goal season.

As a reminder, in early January, the Habs announced that Brendan Gallagher would be out for a minimum of six weeks with a lower body injury.

Moreover, at the time he returned to the game, at the beginning of 2023, before getting injured again, the number 11 of the CH had just come back from an absence of about ten games in December.

Martin St-Louis' team is now without him for the 96th time in the last 271 games played since his last full season. This means that Gally has missed 35% of the team's games in the last four seasons, which is huge!

On that subject, a last minute development has occurred, which unfortunately does not indicate good news in the case of the CH forward.

While Gally is currently in the south to enjoy the All-Star break vacation and is accompanied by his girlfriend, she posted a story on Instagram this morning, where we see the little forward walking with the help of an orthopedic boot.

As Maxime Truman states in his tweet, it's hard to believe that Gallagher is close to a return to play.

Of course, with his injury history starting to weigh extremely heavily on his performance and on the team's payroll, the man seen as the team's little warrior tends to become a financial liability in the lineup.

He is simply unable to stay healthy, and even if he did, his performance is far from justifying his hefty $6.5M per season contract for another four years.

It's getting particularly worrisome for the future.

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Last minute development regarding Brendan Gallagher

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