A renowned journalist has just made a revelation about Machabée and Mailloux: it says a lot about the club's philosophy

Published February 7, 2023 at 11:00

We told you about it in the last few minutes, but TVA Sports journalist Anthony Martineau has just published a very interesting report on Montreal Canadiens prospect Logan Mailloux.

Martineau got the first exclusive interview with the young Mailloux, since he was selected by the Habs in 2021.

Here are the details:

An interesting revelation regarding Chantal Machabée and the handling of the Logan Mailloux file

In the article in question, Martineau added an interesting twist.

He reveals the behind-the-scenes process that led to that very first interview for the young Mailloux.

Basically, the TVA Sports reporter directly reveals that it was all made possible by none other than the excellent Chantal Machabée.

The sales pitch to Chantal Machabée, the CH's vice-president of communications, was thus this: "Chantal, with this contract, Logan is now a Montreal Canadien. How about giving him the opportunity to be approached as such and receive the same treatment as other prospects on the club?"

His response was quick. "It's a great idea, honestly. Logan has so much to offer on a human level. People are going to love him when they really get to know him. I do have to get Jeff Gorton to sign off on it though." (Chantal's response)

- From Anthony Martineau

We know the rest. Gorton accepted without hesitation, in particular because he has excessive confidence in Chantal Machabée. That says a lot about her important role in the organization.

There have been some smooth talks and constant communication with the organization over the past few weeks, and it has finally led to today's story.

This is a major milestone for Mailloux and his process to become a proud member of the Montreal Canadiens, and marks the beginning of a new narrative for the youngster.

It also says a lot about the Tricolore's new, more transparent philosophy.

Would this interview have been possible under the old regime? Probably not, and yet, it's a great success since the first comments of the fans are more than positive.

We are happy to really get to know Mailloux better, and also, to hear him talk about something other than controversies. He seems to have a lot to offer, both on and off the ice, and this interview clearly shows that.

Watch it in its entirety:

Credit: Anthony Martineau, TVA Sports
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A renowned journalist has just made a revelation about Machabée and Mailloux: it says a lot about the club's philosophy

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