David Ettedgui starts a rumor about Shane Wright and the Montreal Canadiens

Jeff Drouin
June 17, 2022  (11:14)

On Thursday night, Kent Hughes took everyone by surprise when he announced that he had traded Shea Weber to the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for Evgeny Dadonov.

While some see it as just an accounting deal, others, like David Ettedgui, think the trade is a precursor to something else. The former player agent made an intriguing post on his Facebook page that is sure to get a reaction.

Dear Fan Page, I'm throwing this out to you today before anyone else. With the elements of the last few weeks, the Dadonov transaction and despite the fact that Kent swears he wants to keep Anderson in Montreal, I believe that Wright is now plan B, the CH probably has as plan A to draft Slafkovsky with his #1 and go get a top 8 pick to add the excellent centers Lekerimaki or Cutter Gauthier and Anderson will be the sacrificed player, if the CH doesn't manage to do that it will be Wright at #1, he remains the best center of the year and reinforcing the center's position is a priority for the team.

This publication contains several elements that we will try to analyze. First of all, as many believe, it seems that Juraj Slafkovsky is currently the favorite of the CH staff over Shane Wright. The problem is that the organization has gaps in the middle and Wright is definitely the best player at that position this year. It's quite a risk, and especially a bold one, not to take him with the 1st pick.
It seems, still according to Ettedgui, that Josh Anderson will be used to get another high draft pick to compensate for the loss, let's put it that way, of Wright. The offer will have to be excellent because as recently as Thursday, Kent Hughes mentioned that he did not want to get rid of his forward despite all the calls he received about him.
"Several teams called about Josh Anderson, and then he wasn't traded. It can show you how much we love Josh and want him to be part of the Canadiens organization." - Kent Hughes

Let's be clear, Ettedgui's comments are assumptions and not what he wants. He still thinks the best pick with the 1st overall selection in the draft is Shane Wright.

Seeing how the organization is thinking outside the box since Jeff Gorton came into the organization (Hughes hire, St. Louis hire, etc.), it wouldn't be surprising if he takes a different route than expected in the draft.
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David Ettedgui starts a rumor about Shane Wright and the Montreal Canadiens

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