Kent Hughes has just given Logan Mailloux some great news

Published June 17, 2022 at 0:25

Immediately after the announcement of the trade of Shea Weber to the Vegas Golden Knights (for Evgenii Dadonov), Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes was present at a press conference.

He answered several questions about the transaction, but also about other hot issues, such as Logan Mailloux.

At his last press conference, Hughes seemed rather pessimistic about the chances of seeing Mailloux sign with the CH, but earlier, it was quite different.

Regarding the young Mailloux, Kent Hughes announced that he will participate in training camp.

The leaders want to see how he will interact with the other prospects of the team. Interesting.

Logan (Mailloux) will be in Montreal for several weeks. We'd like him to come to training camp to see him interact with the other prospects on the team."

- Kent Hughes, via Hockey 360

This is certainly great news for Mailloux, and quite a development. Now it will be up to him to prove that he has the right attitude and deserves to sign his contract with the big club.

For the full press briefing from the Tricolore GM:

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Kent Hughes has just given Logan Mailloux some great news

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