Daniel Brière released the perfect example to show that the CH could be broken for a long time

Published February 3, 2022 at 9:12

The unfortunate situation that happened against the Edmonton Oilers, Zack Kassian's hit against Samuel Montembeault who was not defended by his teammates, will not stop making fans talk.

Daniel Brière, who ran among the candidates to try to obtain the position of general manager, brought an old sequence to the table. We're talking about the Sabres, and it's not encouraging going forward...especially if the Canadiens keep the same group.

A few years ago, there was a situation in Buffalo where Milan Lucic hit Ryan Miller. No one stood up for him. If you look back, the Sabres were never able to recover from that. That's kind of what I thought the other night when I saw this," said Brière.

Luckily, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton came up with a very clear plan to reshape this team, bring leadership back to the core, and infuse talent and speed. Another culture will be brought.

Besides, Brière was VERY impressed by Mr. Gorton, which is an excellent sign for the future.

"I was very, very impressed with Jeff Gorton in the discussions I had with him. I can assure you in Quebec that the Canadiens are in very, very good hands. I am sure he will do a good job. He's a very smart man. What he did in Boston and New York is very important and a great job for Geoff Molson.»

Now, all that remains is to wait for Hughes and Gorton to build a team in their image, which won't happen tomorrow morning!
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