Ducharme and Picasso in the same sentence?

Published February 3, 2022 at 8:26

During the broadcast of Tony Marinaro's podcast, Dominique Ducharme, head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, was mentioned.

Marinaro and his guest, Brendan Kelly, both agreed that Ducharme had no control in the locker room at all.

They talked about the fact that the veterans of the team don't care about their coach and the messages he's trying to send to his players. In short, total indifference.

They went on to mention that the players simply abandoned the ship because of the many losses accumulated. It is at this moment that Dominique Ducharme should choose to take matters into his own hands and no longer accept the lack of effort of his players. Getting angry once in a while might not hurt his cause.

Then, a rather funny comparison was made about Dominique Ducharme and his players. They compared Ducharme to Pablo Picasso. He is currently working on a masterpiece with felt pens for children (the players). The result would not be concrete, despite the skill of the artist. Ducharme currently has used felt pens, according to them.

Quite a metaphor! Even if it is very special, it must be said that it overflows with meaning. Dominique Ducharme must regain control of his ship, otherwise, sooner or later, he will lose his job.

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