The Petry family seems to know where to go

Published February 2, 2022 at 9:59 PM

Yes, we're all looking forward to the Jeff Petry case because it's dragging through the mud, as well as his heartstrings. Put yourself in her shoes for a moment, away from your children and your spouse for months... Not easy.

But, on the other hand, he has a responsibility as a «worker» to represent the Montreal Canadiens with pride. In short, his current fabric and his non-verbal show perfectly that he wants to leave Sainte-Flanelle.

Renaud Lavoie has an idea of the dream destination for the Petry family:

«It is also important to remember that Jeff Petry's wife, Julie, is from Houston, Texas. Dallas is probably the destination the family would choose.»

Let's also not forget that the 26th of the Blue-White-Red played with the son of Jim Nill, the general manager of the Dallas Stars, on the University of Michigan side of the NCAA.

I would also remind you that a certain John Klingberg asked to leave Dallas, which might lead somewhere, right?
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