Dale Weise criticized a journalist who tried to be harsh on Dom Ducharme

Published January 13, 2022 at 10:24

Eric Macramalla, a journalist from TSN, is very active on Twitter, and he likes to be harsh on Dominique Ducharme in the process.

Before the heartbreaking loss of yesterday (5-1) against the Boston Bruins, Macramalla (again) questioned the work of Dominique Ducharme with a somewhat evasive tweet, but that means everything.

«If you believe that training is important (and it is), you need to ask yourself to what extent the Canadiens have not been fully assessed fairly because of Ducharme. Are they a great team? Of course not. Just ask yourself if they would be that bad with another coach. Do yourself a favour.»

Without delay, Dale Weise went to the defence of Dominique Ducharme immediately since he was outraged by Macramalla's comments.

«And where does this first-hand knowledge come from "that you know what matters to a team"?»

BOOM! A very succulent replica of the former number 22 of the Habs, which still carries the Montreal Canadiens in its heart.
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