Michael Pezzetta for President!

Published January 13, 2022 at 9:46

Obviously, the title is a way of speaking, which can be summarized as follows: Michael Pezzetta gets up while several of his teammates fall asleep.

It looks like that, doesn't it? This guy doesn't have any masterful offensive skills, but his work ethic remains tied to the culture that an organization should have.

Fans are clinging to this long curly hair, which saved his honor on Wednesday night against the Boston Bruins. Jeff Petry, who played an ordinary game again, praised his young teammate.

«He's a guy who, no matter what the game, is there to prove he belongs to this league!»

So, as much as highlighting the inspiring game of Pezzetta, why not inspire yourself, Jeff? We're chatting here!

Pezzetta, on the other hand, cannot afford to play in an ordinary way since, according to his own words, he finds himself "auditioning" every moment he walks the rink!

In short, we can even say that he left Boston as public enemy number one, nothing less!

Here is his post-game press briefing in which he made VERY mature remarks:

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