Crazy rumor of the day: the Montreal Canadiens for sale?

Jeff Drouin
October 21, 2021  (12:55)

Martin Lemay, host of 91.9 Sports, has come up with a hypothesis on the potential situation of the Montreal Canadiens.

According to him, the Montreal organization would be slow to sign Marc Bergevin long term because Geoff Molson could have put the team up for sale. Perhaps a new owner would want to choose the man himself to lead the team. His arguments are good, but it's all speculation.
"I ask you a question: You can sign your multi-million dollar rookie player even if your team is for sale. But can you sign your 5-year manager for big cash if your team is for sale? It means that a new owner wants to put his man in charge. Every decision that is made is counting down. This is pure speculation, but imagine if the team was for sale, all the decisions that were made and those that weren't made, are consistent with a team that would be for sale. We didn't tie up the owner with incredible contracts, Shea Weber leaving... And there are no plans to bring him back, he is a relief on the payroll, we did not give a contract that would be heavy to carry to anyone, besides Suzuki, but that's okay because he is a franchise player, Geoff Molson does not address the crowd, etc. You know, he doesn't have to tell us that his team is for sale, but it would be damn good timing to cash in because his team is worth more than a billion dollars as we speak."
What rang Lemay's bells was one of Marc Bergevin's quotes from yesterday afternoon.
A reporter asked Bergevin if he wanted to return to the CH next year. Bergevin said yes, in an ideal world. What is an ideal world?
It doesn't make sense to Lemay that the general manager who just propelled you to the Stanley Cup Final doesn't have a contract extension on the table.
"How can you not talk to your GM who just got you to the Stanley Cup Final? When he says in an ideal world, if Mr. Molson was able to give me the contract I want, I would stay here. But it's not ideal, his team is for sale, but I can't tell you that."
It would be very surprising if Mr. Molson proceeded to sell his little jewel. The Montreal Canadiens are literally the apple of his eye and a real cash machine, so why would he want to sell?
Credit: HF
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