Craig Button Rips Leafs GM Kyle Dubas

Published February 10, 2023 at 9:20 PM

Kyle Dubas' announcement that he had no plans to make a significant trade during this year's deadline came as a surprise to many. The Leafs' General Manager faces a challenging dilemma – he is currently without a contract for the next season, and if the team experiences another early playoff exit, Dubas may be on his way out of "The Six". However, if he decides to make a big move and trade valuable assets, only to lose in the first round, the situation could get even worse.

NHL analyst Craig Button expressed his disapproval of Dubas' decision and put the responsibility on the GM. He said:

"I'm going back to last year's end-of-season press conference where they stated they believed in their players, were close to competing, and had learned a lot. The players have proven that belief to be true, and now it's up to Kyle Dubas to help them. The players have done everything that could have been asked of them. This is now on Kyle Dubas."

Button believes that Dubas owes it to the team to make a trade, as it shows faith in the group's potential. The outcome of Dubas' decision remains to be seen, and if it doesn't work out, he will become a free agent next season.

Source: Maple Leafs Insider
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Craig Button Rips Leafs GM Kyle Dubas

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